You said…. Part 1

Over 500 people responded to the Library survey in January/February.  We are analyzing the results and planning a process for further investigation.  Meanwhile, we would like to respond to some of the many suggestions, and questions you sent us.  Please feel free to continue to share your opinions with us, by commenting in this blog space or by sending emails to

You said:  “The Library does not have the texts that our unit needs.”

Our response:  If we don’t have what you need, we will do our best to get it—just send a title or topic to, or contact your information specialist at x5059. We want to talk to you!


You said: We wish the library or library computers were more accessible at nighttime, as there is no place to go to do homework in the hospital after hours for front line staff, and the computers we have on our units are often busy.”

Our response: We hear you!  If we had our way, our computer lab would be available 24/7 for all staff.  Unfortunately, our building is not accessible 24/7.  We do our best to advocate for more computers in the hospital.  We are open until 8pm Mon-Thurs; until 6 on Fridays and on Saturdays from 11-5.


You said:  It was great having access to Up-to-Date, why can’t the library purchase it?

Our response:  Many of you asked us about this.  We recognize that this is a popular product.  Unfortunately, while an individual subscription to Up-to-Date is not too outrageous, their pricing model for institutions makes it prohibitively expensive for most libraries to purchase.   A subscription for St. Mikes would likely be in excess of $120,000 a year.  We continue to negotiate with the vendor and to explore options for cooperative purchasing.

However, there are other good products available that are much less expensive.   We recommend trying ACP Pier by STAT!Ref as a good evidence based tool that the library provides access to (look under databases on our website).  If you are a physician, Dynamed is a very good point of care tool that is generally more up to date than Up-To-Date and is available free from the CMA.


You said:  I have always received excellent and professional help from the staff. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Our response: Thank you! We enjoy meeting those of you who come into the library, too.


You said:  Most comments about the staff were very positive, but one person was not happy.“[The staff] was too busy to provide assistance. ..I am not greeted when I come into or leave the library!

Our response:  We’re sorry you caught us at a busy time.  If we are distracted and do not notice when you come in, please say something. When we are at the desk, providing reference service is our primary responsibility. We like it when people ask questions!

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