Search for information faster and easier with the new Library Search Box

One of the new products we were excited to launch at the Halloween Spooktacular was our new Library Search quick search box (currently in beta). The new search box, located on the Library Search intranet page, is designed to simplify your everyday library search by simultaneously searching the SMH catalogue and many of the library’s online resources for the keywords you enter.

If you:

  • are looking for a specific book or article
  • are pressed for time
  • only need a couple of items
  • only want to look for material that is on hand at the SMH library (in print or electronically)  
  • aren’t concerned about seeing every single thing that’s been published about your topic

the new Library Search box is a good place to start. Once you have done your search, you can narrow down the results using various filters.


If you are involved in conducting in-depth library research – such as searching the literature as part of a systematic review – conducting separate searches in individual databases is still the best way to go.  But for your everyday library needs, give it a try and let us know what you think!


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