Education Technology Innovation Day, March 20th

Library & Information Services staff were very pleased to participate in Education Technology Innovation Day last week. Like a come and go mini-conference, Education Technology Innovation Day features presentations about (you guessed it) recent technological innovation at St. Mike’s related to education.

Pam Richards launched SALI (Search All Library Information), a great new tool for doing quick and dirty searches of various library resources simultaneously, rather than moving from one resource to another doing the same search over and over again. Sandy Iverson also presented a session on medical apps with a fun, hands-on component, while Maxim Fishman talked about how to create effective e-learning modules.

Education Technology Innovation Day is a great way for St. Mike’s employees to learn more about what happens in the Education portfolio and we look forward to participating again in the future, both as presenters and attendees!

Pam Richards showed off SALI, a one-stop-shop for library information

Maxim covered the steps involved in turning your bright idea into an e-learning opportunity

Sandy discussed things to think about when it comes to medical apps.

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