SALI Contest Answers

During the Education Technology Innovation Day, the library had a contest in which participants raced to see how many questions they could answer in 3 minutes.  I promised to provide those answers so here they are!

  1. Number of books that Dr. Ignatius Fong has written or contributed to.

  2. Number of articles from Dr. Michael Cusimano published from 2010-2012.
  3. Number of articles on honey as a wound dressing.
  4. Number of items on the flipped classroom from 2012-2014.
  5. How many articles about nursing preceptors in the JBI database.
  6. Which phrase gets you more results? Handwashing, hand hygiene or hand washing?
  7. The title of the first article that pops up on hospital floods.
  8. Find the controversial Nature papers by Haruko Obokata on a new technique for producing stem cells.
  9. The title of the oldest article on affordable housing and mental health.

By Pam Richards, Team Leader.

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