Who cares about iThenticate? You should!

Did you know that more and more journal manuscripts are being screened with plagiarism detection software prior to publication? With large teams working on article manuscripts, it can be difficult for all authors to keep track of everything, including potential citation errors that might result in inadvertent plagiarism. Such software allows authors to find potential problems and fix them before the manuscript is submitted, saving time and potential embarrassment (or worse) later on.

To help SMH Scientists and Associate Scientists appointed to the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science or the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute spot potential problems early, St. Mike’s currently subscribes to iThenitcate software. iThenticate scans and compares manuscripts against items on the internet and content in specific publisher databases. It then allows you to see the items that portions of your manuscript bear a resemblance to, provides a “similarity score” to let you know how similar they are, and pinpoints the similar sections for your review.

Contact Dina Coronios (coroniosd@smh.ca) to register for an iThenticate account, and plan to attend the library’s ithenticate lunch and learn on Friday January 22nd to see it in action.

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