Encouraging First Nations children to pursue the health professions, one book at a time #NationalAboriginalDay

Our own Sandy Iverson, manager of the Health Information and Knowledge Mobilization Program is project coordinator of this year’s Mosaic 2016 conference community service project, which will send hundreds of books to children in First Nations communities in Ontario. The goal is to encourage First Nations children to dream of careers in the health professions.  In partnership with Club Amick and the Southern Ontario Library Service approximately 225 titles have been identified to develop special collections that will be sent to up to 5 schools, primarily in Northern Ontario.

Aboriginal Canadians are 4.3% of the Canadian population, but less than 1% are doctors, and the Aboriginal community faces serious health challenges.  This project is based on work conducted by the Université de Montréal. Find more information on that project here.

How to donate:

You can purchase one or more of the selected books by visiting the project’s Amazon book list  or you can donate cash  via PayPal. Donors from other countries may find this amazon.com list more helpful.  In either case, be sure to select the ship to address listed for Mosaic 2016 Children’s Book Project.

If you have questions about this project please feel free to contact the project coordinator, Sandy Iverson at sandy@sandyiverson.info.


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