Show YOU the Money!!

In a study by McGowan et al (2012), the cost-benefit analysis of librarian consultation services in primary care (a sample size of 88 primary care providers in the Ottawa region)  was conducted. The authors found that those physicians who received the literature searching service, required on average 13.6 min to ask their clinical question to be answered by a librarian; whereas, the control group required 20.29 min (on average) to search the question themselves. The authors proposed “nationally if this service was implemented and if family physicians saw additional patients when this service saved them time, up to 61,100 extra patients could be seen annually”. In addition, they conducted a cost avoidance using this service. For more information visit

  • McGowan J, Hogg W, Zhong J, Zhao X. A cost-consequences analysis of a primary care librarian question and answering service. PloS one. 2012 Mar 19;7(3):e33837.

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