Improved Access to Research at Providence’s Health Sciences Library

Hello, Library Linkers!

The Health Sciences Library at Providence Healthcare has launched a new website with new and improved functions, features, and services. This new platform facilitates improved discovery and access to research both in print and electronic, which will greatly benefit your professional development! In addition to the new research and discovery functions of the library website, our new platform also offers great information on the new services and workshops that will be held at the Health Sciences Library. Please take some time to browse our new website to discover its many new abilities, our services, and the workshops that the library will be offering for our Providence users! We are always looking to improve our services and resources, so if you would like a custom workshop, a new resource, or if you have general feedback we would love to hear from you, either by emailing or by using our various feedback forms on our website.

How to Access the Website:

There are several easy ways to access the library website!

1.) Use our short URL,

Type in our short link, into any browsers’ search bar.

2.) Through Providence’s Intranet site

  • To find the new Health Sciences Library’s website through Providence’s Intranet select the “Learning and Development” tab on the top bar of the page.
  • Under this tab, you will see four sub-headings, select “Health Sciences Library”




  • After selecting “Health Sciences Library” you will be brought to our Intranet landing page. This page provides access to our site through the link at the bottom of the paragraph, as well as some basic information about the library including hours, and location.


  • After selecting the link you will be brought to Providence’s Health Sciences Library website.
    • we recommend bookmarking our homepage so that all future access will be quick and easy!



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email,

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