Library Support for COVID-19

The Library Services team would like to highlight three tools developed to help Unity Health Toronto staff and physicians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

1) COVID-19 Resource Guide 

To support Unity Health Toronto’s staff and physicians, the Library team has curated a guide of new COVID-19 resources and access points to help during this pandemic. This online resource includes newly available COVID-19 resources from UpToDate and DynaMed, as well as pre-populated COVID-19 PubMed searches. It is continuously updated to include the latest information and newly available resources. 


2) Resources for Easing Anxiety and Stress Through COVID-19

This Blogpost includes three lists of resources, including, apps, e-books, and other online resources that can be used to help mitigate and reduce stress and anxiety amidst COVID-19.


3) Off-Site Access How-To Guide:

Considering many Unity Health Toronto staff members are working from home, accessing resources while off-site is a crucial component to running “business as usual”.

St. Michael’s:

To facilitate access to the library’s electronic resources (such as eBooks, databases, and journal articles) easier from home or off-site, we have created this guide to streamline the process for you:

  1. From off-site, visit and login to Citrix
  2. Once logged in, click the Intranet icon. The Intranet portal will open in a new browser. This browser window will “behave” as though you’re on-site, and you will have full access to all of the library’s electronic resources.
  3. Click “Library Search” (on the left, beneath “Quick Links”), or type “” in the address bar.


St. Joesph’s:

To access the library’s electronic resources (such as eBooks, databases, and journal articles) from home or off-site you must authenticate yourself as a St. Joseph’s Hospital staff, physician or student. To do so:

  1. Using any internet browser navigate to and then click on the FOR STAFF link
  2. You will be re-directed to the FOR STAFF page, from here click on the Citrix Remote Access link
  3. Next you will be prompted for a username and password, enter your St. Joseph’s username and password (the same username and password used to access any Hospital computer) and hit Log On
  4. Once you have entered our login information you will be brought to the SJNet home page, and your internet browser will operate the same as a computer at the Health Centre




If you have any questions about the tools created by the library please reach out to, we’re happy to be of service through these trying times.

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