Knowledge Synthesis Support Tools

Looking to write a review paper? Library Services is excited to introduce new tools for emerging knowledge synthesis (KS) projects (e.g. systematic reviews). These tools are designed to educate research teams and students about the major types of reviews, help them choose the KS methodology that best suits their project, aid in the proper planning of projects to help ensure that they result in successful publication, and test their readiness.  

Comparison chart
The comparison chart defines and compares key elements of major KS methodologies and assists in understanding the key attributes of each review type. It is meant to be used with the decision tool. 
Decision tool
This tool assists in making a decision about what type of review is right for you based on your research question(s) and the required parameters of each type of review. It is meant to be used with the comparison chart. 
Knowledge Synthesis Readiness Checklist
A detailed checklist to help research teams determine their readiness to conduct a knowledge synthesis project to completion.
This tool describes requirements for attribution of authorship, expectations for collaboration, and publication etiquette. It might be particularly helpful for junior scientists or those who have never worked with an information specialist in the conduct of a knowledge synthesis project.

If you have any questions about these tools, please don’t hesitate to contact Zack Osborne, Manager of Health Information & Knowledge Mobilization at


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