Unity Health Toronto Library Hours

Last updated: July 5, 2021

Library spaces across Unity Health Toronto are all open for staff-use. As we navigate changing needs and pandemic safety precautions, our space and service hours may change with sudden or little notice. Please consult this page (updated frequently) for our most current space and service hours.

There are two separate times listed below each site: “Open Hours” and “Staffed Hours”. Open Hours indicates the days and hours when Unity Health staff may use the Library space. Staffed Hours refers to the hours when there is a Library staff member present to assist with any services, questions, or issues. If you have any questions about these hours, please feel free to reach out to hslibrary@smhlibrary.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: Library staff are available virtually to assist you every weekday by email or by booking an appointment with an Information Specialist. The hours below refer to our in-person library spaces and service points only.

St. Joseph’s Library: library@stjoestoronto.ca
St. Michael’s Library: hslibrary@smh.ca
Providence: library@providence.on.ca

St. Michael’s Library Open Hours1–4pm Monday – Friday
St. Michael’s Library Staffed Hours1-4pm Monday – Friday
Providence Library Open Hours8am-6pm Monday – Friday
Providence Library Staffed Hoursn/a
St. Joseph’s Library Open Hours8am-6pm Monday – Friday
St. Joseph’s Library Staffed Hoursn/a

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