Longwoods brought to you by Library Services at Unity Health Toronto

Longwoods™ publishes healthcare research, reports, and news for academics, scientists, clinicians, policy makers, and health administrators. One of its missions is to promote exchanges between researchers, health professionals, policy makers, and other stakeholders, especially in the Canadian context. Through Library Services, you have access to the following journals:  

It also offers access to various information formats such as videos and podcasts, news articles, a Canadian Jobsite, and a list of conferences in health care. You can use the search box or browse articles by topics. There are various topics to select from, including quality improvement, leadership development, long-term care, health care human resources, and more.  

You can access Longwoods directly from the publisher website or see our databases list at St. Michael’s, St. Joseph’s, or Providence. We encourage you to sign up for free to receive the Longwoods eLetter. An eLetter includes Resources Newsletter, Career, Event Alerts, and New Issue Alerts. To see samples, see here.  

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