St. Joseph’s 100th Anniversary- Archival Projects

This year, St. Joe’s celebrates a century of exemplary care in the west end of Toronto!  The St. Joe’s 100th Anniversary Archives Working Group has been meeting since last year to find fun and innovative ways to incorporate the Health Centre’s rich history into its centenary celebrations.

Those initiatives include:

  • An updated timeline of St. Joe’s milestones and medical “firsts”.
  • A digital photo book featuring familiar and never-before-seen images from our vault of historical documents.
  • Bi-weekly Throwback Thursday posts on the Library’s Twitter feed highlighting fun facts and archival photos.
  • Archival display cases located near the cafeteria exhibiting antique medical devices, nursing school memorabilia, and many other historical artefacts.
  • Memory Walk: A “memory walk” in the hallway between the cafeteria and the Our Lady of Mercy wing will present a series of posters.  With two posters for each decade – one tracing the building development of St. Joe’s and one presenting a personal interest story – we hope viewers will round out their knowledge and appreciation of some of our many accomplishments.  
  • COMING SOON: A virtual version of the “memory walk” will be available soon in the format of an interactive map. 

You’ll be able to click each step of the way down the walk for more information!  Check back soon!

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