Library Link: January 2020

Hello, Library Linkers!

We hope you had a marvelous holiday season and are as excited as we are to welcome in the new year! This issue of Library Links highlights the Library’s impact in the Unity Health Toronto community, displaying our dedication and drive to provide excellence across the board!

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Thanks so much!

Winter Workshop Schedule: 2020

Hello Library Friends,

Unity Health Toronto Library will be hosting skill-building workshops site-wide all winter long! We offer classes to help you and your team improve their skills in,

  • Research and searching,
  • Microsoft Office programs,
  • Reference management software.

To register for a workshop check out our registration and policies page here.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Library Link: Holiday Edition 2019

Hello, Library Linkers!

Welcome to Unity Health Toronto Libraries Holiday Library Link newsletter! We invite you to peruse our achievements over this past year, help us commemorate our beloved Danuta who is retiring this month, and much more!

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Library Link: November

Hello Library Linkers!

This month we have several exciting announcements!

  • St. Michael’s Hospital’s Library catalogue is now indexed on Google Scholar!
  • We have our new literature search forms available across the sites
  • Research Month is November!

Check out the PDF version of the newsletter below to access the clickable links!

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How To: Set-up St. Michael’s Hospital Library on Google Scholar

Hello Library users!

Great news! The Health Sciences Library’s collection has been indexed on Google Scholar.


What Does This Mean? 

Those with access to St. Michael’s resources can now access all of our collections through Google Scholar in just 4 easy steps!



Step 1

Open Google Scholar.

Google Scholar 1


Step 2

Go to the settings tab by clicking on the three horizontal  lines next to Google Scholar’s logo on the top left corner of your screen.

Google Scholar 2


Step 3

Under the Settings tab you’ll see a short list; Languages, Library Links, Account, and Button. Select Library links.

Google Scholar 3


Step 4

In the search bar type in St. Michael’s Hospital, and select the adjacent box then hit save to have St. Michael’s Hospital as your default library on Google Scholar. By selecting St. Michael’s Hospital you will be able to access articles available through St. Michael’s Hospital while searching through Google Scholar on-site.

Google Scholar 4


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to,

Happy Searching!

Need more evidence?

In a systematic review study, conducted by our very own librarian, David Lightfoot, the authors assess the effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings on patient, healthcare provider, and researcher outcomes. In this study, the authors included 22 primary publications and three companion reports. It is available in an open-access journal. Happy reading!

Perrier L, Farrell A, Ayala AP, Lightfoot D, Kenny T, Aaronson E, Allee N, Brigham T, Connor E, Constantinescu T, Muellenbach J. Effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings: a systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2014 May 28;21(6):1118-24.