Library Links: June 2021

Hello Library Linkers!

There are many observances this month that are so incredibly important! Library staff would like to take time to honour National Indigenous History Month, please check out our blogpost linked in the newsletter below. We’d also like to invite you to engage with our Transgender Health Guide to represent Pride month. Have a marvelous June and please always feel free to reach out to us via email:

Resources Supporting Indigenous Cultural Safety

Library team members have curated list of resources to support Indigenous cultural safety. This blog post represents a small snippet of these resources, check out the full list of resources here.

Books in library collection

Scholarly articles

  • Kerrigan V, Lewis N, Cass A, Hefler M, Ralph AP. (2020) “How can I do more?” Cultural awareness training for hospital-based healthcare providers working with high Aboriginal caseload. BMC Medical Education. 20:1-11.
  • Nelson, S. E. and K. Wilson (2018). “Understanding barriers to health care access through cultural safety and ethical space: Indigenous people’s experiences in Prince George, Canada.” Social Science and Medicine 218: 21-27.

Multimedia resources


Ontario Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Training by  Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) 

New and improved library search interface at St. Joseph’s and Providence have launched!

Unity Health Toronto Library Services has been working hard to harmonize the library collections for all three hospital sites to provide equitable access to resources wherever possible, for more information please visit our blog. Library Services is excited to announce the next phase of this harmonization work, which are new and improved search functionalities and interface at St. Joseph’s and Providence! Utilizing the University of Toronto’s catalogue, library users at St. Joseph’s and Providence will be able to search for print and electronic material at their home library in one simple search bar. Combining the print and electronic material into one search bar will simplify the searching process for library material at these sites.

What’s changing?

St. Joseph’s

St. Joseph’s library website – Type your search in here:

You’ll be directed to a new page hosted by the University of Toronto. Please note: you do not need to be affiliated with the University of Toronto to use or borrow St. Joseph’s print and electronic material.

St. Joseph’s new library catalogue hosted by University of Toronto will look like this:


Providence’s library website – Type your search in here:

You’ll be directed to a new page hosted by the University of Toronto. Please note: You do not need to be affiliated with the University of Toronto to use or borrow Providence’s print and electronic material.

Providence’s new library catalogue hosted by the University of Toronto will look like this:

Some examples

Results will be shown on the University of Toronto library site like so, we’re a part of a shared catalogue with other health sciences libraries so you might see availabilities from other sites as well as our own. Note: For off-site access please ensure you are properly logged into the VPN to access material.

Example of a eBook available at St. Joes
As mentioned above, resources may be available at numerous different sites, this is because we are a part of a health sciences library network. Even though you may see multiple hospitals listed, every result listed on the results page will be accessible as part of the library collection for your home site
Example of what a print material may look like at Providence
Example of an e-journal

The new search interface for St. Joseph’s and Providence are just the beginning of many new and exciting changes that will be coming from the Library!

Please direct any questions to

Are you hiring a student to do a systematic review, scoping review, etc. project?

To ensure a smooth and positive experience for students and guarantee the rigour of KS projects, follow the six elements highlighted in this primer. Feel free to contact the library for more resources to support students further.

Things to consider before getting involved with a systematic review (Students edition)

Are you a student interested in partaking in a knowledge synthesis (KS) project (e.g. systematic review, scoping review, etc.) as part of your placements or positions with Unity Health Toronto? This primer is for you.

St. Joseph’s 100th Anniversary- Archival Projects

This year, St. Joe’s celebrates a century of exemplary care in the west end of Toronto!  The St. Joe’s 100th Anniversary Archives Working Group has been meeting since last year to find fun and innovative ways to incorporate the Health Centre’s rich history into its centenary celebrations.

Those initiatives include:

  • An updated timeline of St. Joe’s milestones and medical “firsts”.
  • A digital photo book featuring familiar and never-before-seen images from our vault of historical documents.
  • Bi-weekly Throwback Thursday posts on the Library’s Twitter feed highlighting fun facts and archival photos.
  • Archival display cases located near the cafeteria exhibiting antique medical devices, nursing school memorabilia, and many other historical artefacts.
  • Memory Walk: A “memory walk” in the hallway between the cafeteria and the Our Lady of Mercy wing will present a series of posters.  With two posters for each decade – one tracing the building development of St. Joe’s and one presenting a personal interest story – we hope viewers will round out their knowledge and appreciation of some of our many accomplishments.  
  • COMING SOON: A virtual version of the “memory walk” will be available soon in the format of an interactive map. 

You’ll be able to click each step of the way down the walk for more information!  Check back soon!

Longwoods brought to you by Library Services at Unity Health Toronto

Longwoods™ publishes healthcare research, reports, and news for academics, scientists, clinicians, policy makers, and health administrators. One of its missions is to promote exchanges between researchers, health professionals, policy makers, and other stakeholders, especially in the Canadian context. Through Library Services, you have access to the following journals:  

It also offers access to various information formats such as videos and podcasts, news articles, a Canadian Jobsite, and a list of conferences in health care. You can use the search box or browse articles by topics. There are various topics to select from, including quality improvement, leadership development, long-term care, health care human resources, and more.  

You can access Longwoods directly from the publisher website or see our databases list at St. Michael’s, St. Joseph’s, or Providence. We encourage you to sign up for free to receive the Longwoods eLetter. An eLetter includes Resources Newsletter, Career, Event Alerts, and New Issue Alerts. To see samples, see here.