Featured Database: Natural Medicines


At St. Michael’s Hospital all staff have access to Natural Medicines, “the most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies” 1

Many staff members at St. Michael’s greatly appreciate access to this resource when patients are interested in taking (or already taking) alternative treatments via herbs, supplements, and food. Patient education handouts are available to print out in English, Spanish and French.

Here are a few of the tools you can find in Natural Medicines:

demo-vitaminInteraction Checker: This powerful tool allows you to quickly screen for interactions between natural medicines, including multi-ingredient supplements and conventional medications. Plus, get evidence-based interaction ratings to help you determine which interactions are the most clinically significant.
Effectiveness Checker ThumbEffectiveness Checker: The Effectiveness Checker tells you which natural medicines and integrative therapies work and which do not for specific medical conditions. Enter any medical condition or symptom and get a report showing the Effectiveness Rating for natural medicines and integrative therapies that have been scientifically studied.
Drug Interactions ThumbAdverse Effects Checker: The Adverse Effects Checker shows you which natural medicines have the potential to cause specific adverse effects. Select any symptom or side effect and get a list of natural medicines that have evidence to suggest that they might cause that side effect.

There are many more tools to check out as well. To find out more, click here.

Access the resource from work or home through the SMH intranet homepage under “Library Search” < “Search a Topic (Databases)”. Contact us at hslibrary@smh.ca if you have any questions.


Works Cited:

  1. Welcome To The Natural Medicines Research Collaboration [document on the Internet]. Natural Medicines; 2017 [cited 2017 Jan 30]. Available from  Naturalmedicines.therapeuticresearch.com.

Wii Games in the Info Commons

wiiJoin us on Thursday, February 2nd for some fun and games! Drop by the Info Commons on the 3rd floor of the LKSKI anytime from 1pm – 3pm. There will be Wii systems set up as well as some board game options. This is the fourth session in our very popular Quiet Down @ the Library stress reduction series – “Wii” hope to see you there!

The Health Sciences Library Thanks You!

Thanks very much to the more than 600 people who responded to our survey in December.  We are learning that you love our space and our services, and that you have great suggestions for improvements.  Stay tuned for more information on how we will respond to your feedback.

Congratulations to the following winners in our prize draw: Alexandros Fyraridis and Pratiek Matkar both won Indigo gift cards.  Happy Reading!  Ana Hackett and Michelle Kolind won Starbucks gift cards.  Happy sipping!  And Agatha Tang is the lucky winner of a brand new iPad mini!  Thanks again everyone.


Featured database: Lexicomp

Have you used Lexicomp yet? Lexicomp is a collection of clinical databases and clinical decision support tools that provides users with an extensive medical library. You can find it on our intranet ‘Library Search’ homepage under ‘Search a Topic (Databases)’.

Here’s a few highlights of what you can find on the Clinical Decision Tool Bar (pictured below). Click on the links to learn more.


  • Interactions – a drug and herbal analysis tool that is designed to identify potential drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, and duplicate therapy interactions
  • Drug I.D. – Lexi-Drug I.D. is an application that allows identification of tablets, capsules, aerosols, lotions, creams, and a variety of other oral and topical dosage forms
  • Calculators – Lexi-CALC is an extensive medical calculations application covering infusions, adult and pedatric organ function assessment, and other conversion calculations. It also includes calculators from MedCalc 3000
  • Drug Comparisons – generate comparative data tables containing two (2) to four (4) drugs and create customized tables containing information on adverse effects, indications, preganacy and more
  • I.V. Compatibility – compatibility for at least 2 drugs or one solution is based on one of four ratings: compatible, incompatible, uncertain or variable, or no data. Additional information on the compatibility studies including a summary of the study methods and references for the compatibility information is provided when appropriate
  • Patient Education – 6,800 leaflets in English and Spanish, with more that half of those translated into 19 languages
  • Formulary Monograph Service – delivers detailed information about recently released and investigational drugs, including pharmacy and therapeutic reviews, editorial comments, drug utilization evaluations, and more
  • Toxicology – combines information on agents of toxicity, antidotes and decontaminants, household products, provides access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), toxicology-specific calculators and drug identification in one point-of-care application
  • UpToDate – a link to UptoDate within Lexicomp Oline so users can search with one easy step
  • The 5-Minute Clinical Consult—fast access to information on hundreds of medical conditions
lexipic4Screenshot of the Drug I.D. tool

Big turn out for the dogs!

On January 12th we had over 300 people come to “paws” for a break at the library! Thank you so much to the St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog program and specifically David and Kelly (both SMH staff members!) with their goldendoodle Abby, Alison and her mini Australian shepherd Scarlett, and Barb with her English lab Annie. You brightened so many people’s day! Here’s some snaps from the day, and to check out even more SJA therapy dogs, aka, “T-dogs”, visit their Facebook page.

Abby (handlers/owners: David & Kelly):


Annie (handler/owner: Barb)


Scarlett (handler/owner: Alison)