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July 2018 Library Link

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Now available: CABI’s Global Health database


The CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) Global Health database is now available to you from the Health Sciences Library. With coverage from 1973 to present, Global Health provides an alternative, complementary point of reference with a broad analysis of foreign language journals, books, research reports, patents and standards, dissertations, conference proceedings, annual reports, public health, developing country information, and other difficult to obtain material.

The database is updated on a weekly basis and covers many areas of human health and disease including:

  • communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS)
  • parasitic diseases and parasitology – medical entomology
  • human nutrition (including food composition, food poisoning, effects of diet on health, nutritional disorders, and experimental aspects)
  • community and public health (including chronic diseases, occupational health, health status indicators, the impact of agriculture on health, and cancer epidemiology)
  • medicinal and poisonous plants (including pharmacology, tissue culture, animal studies, plant composition, allergens, and toxins)
  • tropical diseases (including field and experimental studies)

Visit to access Global Health today!

If you have any questions or comments about the CABI Global Health database, please contact the Health Sciences Library at or 416-864-5059.

Extra Office Hours Added

For May, June and July 2018, the Health Sciences Library has added an extra Office Hours date and time to our calendar of events. In addition to our regular Wednesday Office Hours from 3:00-4:00PM, we’re pleased to offer a second Office Hours on Mondays from 12:00-1:00PM in the Computer Lab (LKS 353).

Office Hours are a fantastic opportunity to meet one-on-one with a health sciences information specialist to discuss any specific question(s) you have about search strategies, finding articles, research problems, using the library, familiarizing yourself with databases or research tools, and more. Just drop by the Computer Lab with your questions and we’ll be ready to help!

For more information please contact us at or call 416-864-5059.

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Info Bites: Spring/Summer 2018


New Info Bites are here, now on Thursdays from 3:00-3:30 PM!

Info Bites are casual, short, informative sessions to introduce you to new resources, time-saving pro-tips, and to give you an afternoon break. Drop by the Information Commons (outside the library, 3rd floor LKSKI) or the Computer Lab (LKS 353) on Thursdays this May, June and July to enjoy hot tea and treats, and leave with some information to chew on. No registration required unless specified. Full Info Bites schedule below:

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID): What’s in it for you?
Thursday May 3, 3:00 PM (Information Commons)

Are you curious to learn more about ORCID? Are you responsible to maintain someone else’s ORCID profile?  The ORCID is becoming increasingly important as the publishers, funders, and various professional associations are integrating ORCID identifiers in their workflow. This Info Bite will provide some information about the benefits of ORCID for researchers and how to use it.

How to Find Information Faster: Library-Based Research Tips
Thursday May 10, 3:00 PM (Computer Lab, LKS 353)
Thursday July 5, 3:00 PM (Computer Lab, LKS 353)
Do you have a hard time navigating the library website? Are you familiar with the services available to you through your library? Join us in this Info Bite to learn techniques for using the library and retrieving information resources, including books, e-books, journal articles, and other materials more efficiently.

Systematic Review, Scoping Review, Realist Review… What IS the difference??
Thursday May 17, 3:00 PM (Information Commons)
What’s the difference between a systematic review, scoping review, and meta-analysis? When would I want to do a realist review? This InfoBite will introduce you to the methodologies behind different types of reviews and key points to consider before undertaking one.

Advanced Literature Searching: Top Tips & Tricks
Thursday June 7, 3:00 PM (Computer Lab, LKS 353)
Looking to search for health literature more proficiently? This session will discuss at least five advanced search techniques that will improve the quality of your results. Learn how to perform field searching, and apply truncation and wildcard symbols to improve your keyword searches; maximize the specificity of your results using the adjacency operator; use the MeSH database to pre-select your subject headings and more!

What You Need to Know About Predatory Journals
Thursday June 14, 3:00 PM (Computer Lab, LKS 353)
Finding a publisher for your work can take a lot of time and energy. This Infobite will talk about what journals you might want to avoid.

Webinar: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN)
Thursday July 26, 12:00 – 12:30 PM (Computer Lab, LKS 353 & remotely)
This webinar will focus on the contents and resources, functionalities, and uses for the PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition) database. To request a link to participate in this webinar, please email, or attend in-person at the Computer Lab (LKS 353).

Library Link: April 2018

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April 2018 Library Link

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