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In June 1893, Dr. Robert Dwyer, Medical Superintendent, found himself in the position of defending the new St. Michael’s Hospital against criticism made at a city council meeting, the main concern being that St. Michael’s was not deserving of financial support from the city.  Dr. Dwyer’s letter to the editor of The Globe was published on June 3, 1893:

Dr. Dwyer Letter to the Editor, 1893

“…To all these charges I give an absolute denial, as follows –

First: I am a graduate of Toronto university, and am, and have been, the resident medical superintendent of St. Michael’s hospital since its inception.

Second: We have a competent staff of nurses…

Third: The students of the Women’s Medical college have had clinics all winter, and the same liberty has been given to Toronto university…

Fourth: Patients are not given work to do after being cured…

The fifth charge [that patients are not properly attended] may be characterized as entirely untrue.”

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