The Library needs your input – share your opinions and win prizes

The St. Michael’s library is bright and shiny and new … but how well does it serve our community?  The Health Sciences Library is embarking on a visioning and planning exercise to try and imagine the library of the future.

An important component of this process is engaging the community to find out what they think. To that end, the library has recently launched a community survey and a corresponding blog.

Complete the quick online survey, and be entered in a draw to win prizes including a Kobo e-Reader, and share your opinions in the Idea Factory.

Video: The Library…Everywhere!

Check out our new promo video The Library…Everywhere!

This is part of a planned series of one minute videos designed to showcase the library services available to the staff of St. Michael’s Hospital.  The Scotiabank Health Sciences Library worked with practicum students from the University of Toronto’s iSchool to plan and produce promotional videos.  The videos provide a glimpse of what’s available and are an invitation to find out more online or in person.

See some photos from behind the scenes.

Please note that the Health Sciences Library is a staff library and is not open to the general public.

New library video – coming soon

If you were near the library Wednesday May 16th, you may have noticed a film crew on the bridge and in the library.  This isn’t so unusual as our space is often used as a backdrop.  This time we were the main attraction!  The library is making a series of short videos featuring the resources and services available to SMH staff.

While our new location has definitely raised our profile and increased awareness of our physical presence we also wanted to highlight our virtual presence.  Yes we have a gorgeous space that’s a great place to study, but that’s only a tiny part of the picture.  About 10% of what we do is visible to the rest of the hospital.  Whether it’s covering the information desk or the hardcopy items we have on display:   it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  90% of our time is spent in our office procuring, organizing and searching the electronic items that make up 90% of our holdings.

So we are working on a few things to increase awareness of how we can help you carve a path through the complex world of published research.  Next up:  some behind the scenes pics from the video session.  Stay tuned…