National Addictions Awareness Week #NAAWCanada

November 13tdtnaaw-03-403x213-enh-19th is National Addictions Awareness Week. Led by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, National Addictions Awareness Week highlights important issues and solutions to help reduce the harms of alcohol and other drugs on Canadian society. This year’s theme is Addiction Matters. If you are looking for information about addiction, here are a few places you can start. For other resources, stop by the Health Sciences Library on the third floor of the Li Ka Shing building (ext. 5059), or visit the Patient and Family Learning Centre across from the Marketeria (ext. 2522).

Information for You:

[1] Principles of addiction medicine: the essentials [e-book]

[2] Addictions nursing: scope and standards of practice [book]

[3] Journey to healing: Aboriginal people with addiction and mental health issues: what health, social service and justice workers need to know [e-book]

[4] Addiction [e-journal]

[5] Psychiatry Online [e-resource]

[6] Substance Abuse Treatment [e-book]

[7] Dual Diagnosis [e-book]

[8] Substance Use Prevention and Health Promotion Toolkit [PDF]

Information for Your Patients:

[1] CAMH [e-resource]

[2] Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse [e-resource]

[3] Ontario Drug and Alcohol Helpline [e-resource]

[5] Addictions and Mental Health Ontario [e-resource]

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